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Focus on 5 wines
Landgoed Overst Rosé
Landgoed Overst O-secco
Landgoed Overst Voerendaal Dornfelder
Landgoed Overst Voerendaal Fougue-Blanc
Landgoed Overst Voerendaal Muller Thurgau
Information and content create an added value
The Wine Info Site ® is an information driven marketing system for the international wine market and wine-retail. It creates value for the wine producer, by activating the producers information on a dynamic internet site in an international, general wine environment and background. TheWineInfoSite® produces internet sites for individual producers, who pay a fee. After that, they have a subscription to the system. TheWineInfoSite® has the ambition to become the number one wine site in number of visitors. The site provides the visitor with complete wine information, both on a generic level (cépages, wine regions, production methods etc.) and on an individual level for the attached wine producer. The information is presented to the consumer in an original manner, which is to be relevant for the consumer. The information is made relevant and tangible by the link to the individual châteaux. The information made available to the wine-retail formula's is often integrated in the formula's retail website and/or in-store wineinformation (a.o. via touch-screen).
Creating value
Closing the information gap
Consumers tend to become more and more interested in the wines they drink or would like to drink. However, there is a lack of knowledge to evaluate the differences and dimensions of the products that are offered. Apart from that, there is a clear tendency to consume better and more expensive wines. Traditionally, a wine producer's first priority is wine-production, before active marketing in a consumer oriented way. By giving information about wine we are aiming at creating value driven by marketing. The moment the consumer knows about how, by whom, where, with what care, ingredients, intentions and techniques the wine is made, what he could eat with it etc., the wine will obtain more value.
Massive exposure through the back label
The connected wine producer communicates his internet address (his URL) on the back labels of his bottles. Through this URL the consumer will be able to enter directly the page of the wine he is consuming. This opposed to a long search by making an entry on the homepage of a vast database, which obliges the consumer to make a high number of clicks and selections, before he finally reaches the page and the wine he wants to see. It is clear that the average internet user looses interest if the information he is looking for is not offered fast enough. Once he has obtained the wanted information he is challenged and invited to look further on the site in order to know more about the wine, the chateau, the region, the production method, the grape, the soil etc. and other wines of this producer. As if he has visited the winery and met the owner personally…..
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